Whenever we generate AI content for you in the Long-form Editor you are required to write the same amount of content in order to generate more AI content.

Why do I have to type my own content?

This is a mandatory requirement from our service provider to ensure users cannot mass produce articles at scale.

How do I generate more AI content?

Simply type your own words into the editor. You will notice the progress bar increase. Once you reach 100%, you will then be able to generate more AI content.

How much content must I write?

You will need to write the same amount of characters as the last AI content that was generated with a maximum of up to 150 characters. If you generate 80 characters of AI content, you will then be required to write 80 characters of your own words to continue.

Moving forward

We encourage the responsible use of AI. Our tools have been adapted to reflect this. If you feel some of our tools are too restrictive, please do get in touch.

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