*** Credits refresh on the 1st of every month.

There are currently three types of credits that exist in ContentBot.

Full Blog Post Credits

1 credit = 1 article (article explorer feature)

0.06 credits per 100 words (when generating paragraphs in the article editor tool)

Therefore 25 credits can generate ±42 000 words.

Depending on your plan, you will get a certain amount of full blog post credits.

In the Article Explorer, one credit here is equal to one full article between 150 to 1500 words (you decide on the length).

If you generate paragraphs in the Inline Autocomplete (editor) feature, it will consume 0.06 credits per 100 words (500 words = 0.3 credits) of your full blog post credits.

Paraphrase Rewriter Credits

1 credit = 1 rewritten article

The paraphrase rewriter is essentially a spinning tool that uses 1 credit per run. Simply paste your article in the tool and we will rewrite it up to 2000 words. Each time you do this, it will consume one credit.

Normal Credits

1 credit = up to 6 snippets of content

For every other tool in the product, you will consume normal credits when using each tool. For example, if you run the Brand Name tool, you will consume one credit and receive up to 6 brand names and their slogans.

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