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In this article we briefly explain what a credit is and what types of credits exist in ContentBot.

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*** Monthly Plan Credits refresh on the 1st of every month.


Depending on your plan, you will be allocated a certain amount of words to use. These words will be used up when using tools such as:

  • Generating content in the AI Writer

  • Generating content in any of the AI templates

"Best of" feature

Using this option will attempt to get the AI to provide you the best option of all the outputs it generates. Keep in mind that if you set this to say, five, the AI will generate five outputs and only serve you one.

If each output is 150 words and you've selected "best of 5", your credits will decrease by 750, yet you will only receive 150 words in outputted content.

SEO Credits

1 credit = 1 full SEO check on an article

One SEO Credit is consumed whenever you use the "Discover" or "SEO report" feature in the AI Writer.

Plagiarism Credits

Each word run in your plagiarism check will consume three words from your monthly word allowance. e.g. Running a plagiarism check on a 200 word paragraph will consume 600 words from your monthly word allocation.

Plagiarism credits are consumed as and when you check your content for plagiarism.

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