The content generated by ContentBot is synthesized from a large known dataset. The AI models that are used within ContentBot are called Generative Pre-Training Transformers (GPT).

In order to generate high-quality output, it is necessary to provide these models with high-quality input. Inputs will be transformed into data which the model can understand, allowing it to create original content which is highly relevant to the subject you are generating content for.

The datasets used to train the AI models should not be thought of as a table of content that is reused but instead can be considered a blueprint for how words and subjects relate to each other. This means our AI models understand subjects it has learnt about.

At no point does the AI model "scrape the web" or copy other articles - it pulls from its current understanding on that subject and forms its own words.

What AI models do you use?

We are currently using two AI models: OpenAI and TinySeedAI.

OpenAI is a powerful GPT-3 model that is capable of producing amazing quality due to the fact that it has a much larger dataset than any other AI on the market at the moment (as of May 2021). We use OpenAI for all short form content. OpenAI restricts users from using their AI to generate long form content.

TinySeedAI is a ContentBot initiative that is similar to OpenAI however the dataset behind the model is not as large. This AI is predominantly used for generating long form content.

You'll notice which AI we use by looking for the logo next to each card in the dashboard:

The AI created non-sensical content, what now?

Sometimes the AI comes back with weird and wonderful (and sometimes sardonic) results. If you run the tool again it normally comes back with a solid set of copy. However, sometimes it just doesn't know enough on a particular topic to create anything of value. If this happens, get in touch with us (using the chat icon) and let us know. We periodically train the AI to understand new topics and niches.

Is plagiarism something to worry about?

No. Although the AI may pull from a variety of content in your niche, it actually generates unique and original text based on what it understands of the topic you have selected. With that being said, we also have a plagiarism checking tool within ContentBot that you can use to confirm the uniqueness of the content (we also recommend making use of any other plagiarism tool you have as these tools all scan the web at different intervals and some may have a more comprehensive database than the other for that specific content).

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