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Censored Content Categories
Censored Content Categories

Censored content category list

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The list below represents the content categories that we censor content for.

Only those that have been approved may write content for the below categories. However, some categories are off limits completely.

Last updated 27 September 2021

/finance/accounting and auditing/tax preparation and planning

/finance/financial news


/finance/investing/beginning investing

/finance/investing/day trading


/finance/investing/funds/exchange traded funds

/finance/investing/funds/hedge fund

/finance/investing/funds/mutual funds

/finance/investing/futures trading


/finance/personal finance

/finance/personal finance/financial planning

/finance/personal finance/lending

/finance/personal finance/lending/personal loans

/food and drink/beverages/alcoholic beverages/cocktails and beer

/food and drink/beverages/alcoholic beverages/wine

/health and fitness/addiction

/health and fitness/addiction/alcoholism

/health and fitness/addiction/smoking addiction

/health and fitness/addiction/substance abuse

/health and fitness/alternative medicine

/health and fitness/alternative medicine/herbs for health

/health and fitness/alternative medicine/homeopathy

/health and fitness/disease

/health and fitness/disease/aids and hiv

/health and fitness/disease/allergies

/health and fitness/disease/arthritis

/health and fitness/disease/asthma

/health and fitness/disease/autism and pdd

/health and fitness/disease/cancer

/health and fitness/disease/cancer/brain tumor

/health and fitness/disease/cholesterol

/health and fitness/disease/chronic pain

/health and fitness/disease/cold and flu

/health and fitness/disease/diabetes

/health and fitness/disease/epidemic

/health and fitness/disease/epilepsy

/health and fitness/disease/headaches and migraines

/health and fitness/disease/heart disease

/health and fitness/disease/infertility

/health and fitness/disorders

/health and fitness/disorders/mental disorder

/health and fitness/disorders/mental disorder/a.d.d.

/health and fitness/disorders/mental disorder/bipolar disorder

/health and fitness/disorders/mental disorder/depression

/health and fitness/disorders/mental disorder/panic and anxiety

/health and fitness/disorders/sleep disorders

/health and fitness/drugs

/health and fitness/incest and abuse support

/health and fitness/sexuality

/health and fitness/weight loss

/hobbies and interests/games/gambling

/law, govt and politics

/law, govt and politics/espionage and intelligence/terrorism

/law, govt and politics/government

/law, govt and politics/government/government agencies

/law, govt and politics/government/government contracting and procurement

/law, govt and politics/government/parliament

/law, govt and politics/immigration

/law, govt and politics/law enforcement

/law, govt and politics/legal issues/civil law

/law, govt and politics/legal issues/criminal law

/law, govt and politics/legal issues/human rights

/law, govt and politics/legal issues/international law

/law, govt and politics/legal issues/legislation/family laws

/law, govt and politics/legal issues/legislation/health care laws

/law, govt and politics/legal issues/legislation/immigration laws

/law, govt and politics/legal issues/legislation/tax laws

/law, govt and politics/politics

/law, govt and politics/politics/elections

/law, govt and politics/politics/elections/local elections

/law, govt and politics/politics/elections/presidential elections

/law, govt and politics/politics/foreign policy

/law, govt and politics/politics/lobbying

/law, govt and politics/politics/political parties

/news/national news

/religion and spirituality/alternative religions

/religion and spirituality/alternative religions/pagan and wiccan








/science/medicine/psychology and psychiatry

/science/medicine/surgery/cosmetic surgery


/society/crime/sexual offence/rape




/society/social institution/marriage


We currently censor 91 categories out of a total of 1074 identified content categories.

Please note that this list may change as we identify new content categories.

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