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Commands: /expand
Commands: /expand
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The /expand command can be used to expand or elaborate on an input phase.

Input text can be inline text, or variables and the output will replace the command in the content window, or the output can be directed to a variable.


Example1: Write more about the input phrase, in this case a static phrase

/expand [The joys of yodeling]

Example 2: Write more content based on the document topic

/expand [#Topic]

Example 3: Write contextual content based on the #topic and #content, then store it as a variable

/expand [#topic #content] (as #relab)

In the example above, the existing variables for the article #title and #content are used as the input to the /expand command. The output is then directed to a new variable #elab. This new variable can then be used as an input in subsequent commands. In the example the /log command was used to show the content of the #elab variable

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