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Commands: /listicle
Commands: /listicle
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The /listicle command can be used to create a listicle

Input text can be inline text, or a variable. Output can be directed to a variable or each line of the output can be processed further and displayed.


Example1: Creates a listicle for a specific prompt

/listicle [Top 10 ways to improve your content writing]

Example 2: Creates a listicle and processes each line output on it

/listicle [#question] (line: #line #break/write [#line] #break#break)

In the example above, a new variable, #question, is created that stores the question, this is used as the input to the /listicle command. Each listicle line item output is then processed to list the item and prepares a /write prompt for that line item so additional content can be generated as required. Each processed line item is wrapped in line breaks to improve readability.

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