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Commands: /discover
Commands: /discover
Written by Glen Smith
Updated over a week ago


The /discover command can be used return various useful web results related to a search prompt and the output is guided by the argument used

Input text can be inline text, or variables and the output will replace the command in the content window, or the output can be directed to a variable.


Example1: Get the top web results for a search phrase

/discover [Who discovered electricity]

Example 2: Get related questions

/discover related_questions [Who discovered electricity]

Example 3: Get the top answer for a specific question

/discover learn [Who discovered electricity] (as #answer)


  • Related_questions -> returns popular questions related to the search prompt

  • related_searches -> returns new search prompts that are related to the original

  • Top_answer -> returns the top web result for a search prompts

  • Learn -> returns an overview of the core concept of search prompt

  • Sites -> returns all top results (in order of relevance) of a search

  • Top_site -> returns the top result of a search prompt


The following alias can also be used to generate a discover outputs

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