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Credits - Explained (Pre 2022)
Credits - Explained (Pre 2022)

If you became a customer prior to 18 Jan 2022, this applies to you

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*** Monthly Plan Credits refresh on the 1st of every month.

There are currently three types of credits that exist in ContentBot.

Long Form Words

Depending on your plan, you will get a certain amount of long form words to use.

Clicking the "Write for me" button or the "Paragraph" highlight option in the long form editor will use these credits.

Short Form Credits

1 credit = up to 6 snippets of content

Every template (besides the Long Form templates) will consume short form credits. For example, if you run the Brand Name tool, you will consume one credit and receive up to 6 brand names and their respective slogans.

Paraphrase Rewriter Credits

1 credit = 1 rewritten article

The paraphrase rewriter is essentially a spinning tool that uses 1 credit per run. Simply paste your article in the tool and we will rewrite it up to 2000 words. Each time you do this, it will consume one credit.

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