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Creating a document in via a Zapier Action
Creating a document in via a Zapier Action

This guide demonstrates how a source application trigger can be configured to perform a create document action in

Written by Glen Smith
Updated over a week ago can be set as the Action application in a Zap, currently allows the Find document and Create/Update document action to be performed. In this guide we demonstrate how an RSS update can be configured to create a new document in

Step 1

From your Zapier Dashboard select the + Create Zap button, and name your Zap (optional)

Step 2

Configure your Trigger :

  • Select The Trigger Application, in this example we'll be using the Built in RSS tool

  • Chose the Event trigger, in this case we'll be selecting New item in Feed

  • Select Continue

  • Populate the trigger details, in our RSS trigger example, we insert the Feed URL and select the recommended option for What Triggers a New Feed Item

  • Select Continue and Test Trigger, and Continue again once the test is successful

Step 3

Configure the Action :

  • Select ContentBot as the action Application

  • Select Create/Update Document as the Event

  • Select Continue and choose your ContentBot user as the ContentBot account

  • Select Continue

  • Populate the Action details, in this example we will select the RSS Title as the Title and the RSS Description as the HTML, we'll leave the Document ID blank in order to create a new document

  • Select Continue and Test Action, and Publish Zap once the test is successful

Step 4

Review the Zap and documents:

This new Zap should now be visible in Zapier and can be monitored on the Zaps page

As the RSS feed is updated, your Zap will now create a new document in and these documents can be found in your Documents folder, ready for editing.

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