A Contenbot.ai document can easily be sent to Google Docs via an automation (Zap) when Published to Zapier. Please see the video guide below that follows the steps required, alternatively please review the text based guide underneath the video

Step 1

Navigate to https://zapier.com/apps/contentbot/integrations and select the Try it Button on the right of the Add new ContentBot documents to Google Docs template tile.

Step 2

Configure your Trigger :

  • Select The Trigger Tile on the Zap editor

  • Expand App & event section and confirm ContentBot is the application and Publish Document is the Event

  • Select Continue

  • Ensure the correct user is selected as the ContentBot account

  • Select Continue and Test Trigger, and Continue again once the test is successful

Step 3

Configure the Action :

  • Expand App & event section and confirm Google Docs is the application and Create Document from Text is the Event

  • Expand the Account section, and select Sign in to Connect Google Docs, sign into your Google account and and Allow the requested access and the select Continue

  • Populate the Action details, in this example we will keep the prepopulated settings - where we use the ContentBot Title as the Document Name and HTML as the Document Description, and retain root as the Folder

  • Select Continue and Test Action, and Publish Zap once the test is successful

Step 4

Publish your ContentBot.ai Document and view the results

You can now Publish your document from the ContentBot.ai Document Library by selecting File -> Publish -> Zapier

Once the document has been published it is placed in a queue, which is cleared and Processed when Zapier requests documents from ContentBot.ai, after this occurs you can view the document in Google docs

You have now successfully Created and run a Zap that creates a new Google Doc whenever a ContentBot.ai doc is published.

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