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ContentBot Updates - September 2023
ContentBot Updates - September 2023

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Features introduced:

  • AI Flows - See more here.

  • Importer - See more here.

  • PDF Chat - See more here.

Features deprecated:

We periodically deprecate features within ContentBot in order to hone in and focus on core features. This allows us to fully maximize our efforts and provide more value for the core features.

  • SEO tools : Due to the low number of people using our SEO tools, we have deprecated these tools until further notice.

Plan changes

  • All AppSumo 1 code and 2 code users will now receive additional WORD credits. You will keep your original "short form" credits as per the original plan, yet you will receive long form credits (words).

  • Premium+ users will move from 400k words per month to 500k words per month.

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