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AppSumo Frequently Asked Questions
AppSumo Frequently Asked Questions

This document outlines the most FAQs asked by AppSumo users

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In March 2021 we had our very first listing on AppSumo. The listing became very popular and we were contacted by AppSumo and requested that we do a "Select" launch. The Select Launch was carried out in May 2021. We then decided to relaunch our new features in Nov 2023 and allow older Sumolings the opportunity to upgrade their accounts.

We've seen massive success in bringing on board Sumolings and we are very grateful for their feedback, interactions and reviews. We believe Sumolings were the reason for our initial success in the market and still play a key role in our growth.

04 March 2021

On the 4th of March 2021 when AI was still very new in the world of content marketing we launched on AppSumo. We initially sold ONE CODE for the premium plan at $49. This mapped the Sumoling to our premium plan, which at the time offered unlimited credits.

05 May 2021

We launched our SELECT campaign on AppSumo in May 2021 which ran for a few months. This allowed Sumolings to purchase up to 3 codes where 3 codes would map them to the Premium plan with unlimited short form credits. Single and double code holders were mapped to a form of the premium plan but with major limitations on short form credits.

1 code = 50 short form credits per month (around 150 pieces of text)

2 codes = 150 short form credits per month (around 450 pieces of text)

3 codes = Unlimited short form credits

There was no option to update to the Premium plus plan at the time which came with SEO benefits.

January 2022

As the AI service providers progressed, within a few months we were offering our Premium customers "Long Form" credits. We continued to offer our existing AppSumo users their short form credits as promised but also introduced Long Form credits to each account tier.

In the spirit of ensuring fairness with our AppSumo customers, we upgraded the codes to as follows:

1 code = 50 short form credits

2 codes = 150 short form credits

3 codes = unlimited short form credits + 60 000 words per month

It was at this time that we introduced the concepts of Seats to each account.

New Premium plan

We decided to create a New Premium Plan in January 2022 to cater more for our Monthly Recurring Revenue customers in the hopes of offering more value and inventive to sign up with ContentBot. For this to happen, we introduced higher Credits to monthly paying customers and we did away with Short Form credits as the AI technology had moved away from severe limitations on outputs to something that suited more of a word-based credit system on our side.

We knew however that the majority of our Sumoling customers enjoyed the short form tools and their unlimited short form credits so we ensured to keep that system for those that wanted to continue on that structure.

It was at this time that we offered all Sumoling 3 code (max-stacked) customers a choice on how to proceed. The following page was displayed to them:

We felt this gave power to the customer on their best wish on how to proceed. They could stay with the current plan and continue to receive unlimited short form credits and get 60k long form words per month, or they could move over to the new Premium Plan and enjoy more words and more sub-accounts with the trade-off of not having unlimited short form credits.


In 2023 we launched a series of new major features that became available to all AppSumo customers. Some of these features are:

  • AI Writer (drag and drop AI writer)

  • Paraphraser (Powerful AI paraphraser)

  • Blog wizard (advanced blog building wizard)

  • Improved AI landing pages

  • AI Chat (ChatGPT-style chat interface with links to the AI Writer)

  • File Chat (upload a PDF and chat with the file)

  • Flows (flow builder to create any automated content)

  • Importer (Import CSV files and run up to 500 prompts in one go)

11 November 2023

ContentBot was re-launched on AppSumo and now allowed users to add up to 10 codes.

The codes were mapped as follows:

This allowed existing and new Sumolings to now move all the way to the PremiumPlus plan and enjoy much higher credits.

Any AppSumo customer that joined us before the 11 November 2023 would keep their access to the old short form tools if they chose to stay on the original AppSumo Premium plan. All new AppSumo customers will not have access to the deprecated short form tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought 1, 2, or 3 codes previously, can I upgrade to more than 3 codes?

Yes. We have grandfathered in all existing AppSumo customers so they can now upgrade their accounts at will through purchasing up to 10 codes (See the table above under 11 November 2023).

Why cant I access the short form tools?

The short form tools were deprecated in 2022. As we moved toward a more robust content marketing platform and due to the fact that "short form" just didnt make sense anymore (because we had access to longer context models), we deprecated the short form tools in favor of our more comprehensive AI Writer, Blog Wizard and AI Chat tools. However, existing AppSumo customers that stayed on the original plan (see here.)

What are the future plans for ContentBot?

As you can see above, we are continually improving ContentBot and launching new features. However, our main focus for the foreseeable future is to become the gold standard for AI Content Automation.

Who is the company behind ContentBot?

ContentBot's majority shareholder is a CodeCabin. A South African company that has been creating and managing a portfolio of SaaS products and WordPress plugins since 2012.

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